Nutrition and Hydration Extremes Research


Athletes and soldiers have increased energy and fluid demands during heavy training. Prof Walsh’s team has a particular interest in how nutritional deficits and nutritional supplementation influence health and physical performance in athletes and soldiers.

“Staff and students in the Extremes Research Group have participated in research showing that nutritional deficits play an important role in illness, injury and underperformance during heavy training.”

Prof Neil Walsh

Our research with the UK Army showed performance and health benefits of a nutritional supplement that provided a ‘fourth-meal’ to soldiers during heavy training. These findings have led to changes in military policy — infantry recruits now receive a high energy training supplement each day during training. Other work by our group has examined the influence of vitamin D, the sunlight hormone, on health and performance in military recruits. In addition, in partnership with Loughborough and Stirling University, we have developed a hydration index to assess the hydrating potential of commercially available beverages.

Key Staff

Prof Neil Walsh

Dr Samuel Oliver

Dr Julian Owen