Consultancy Services

Humans often function in difficult and demanding environments or conditions that are less than optimal; we offer consultancy services to a range of organisations, groups, and individuals that have an interest in optimising human performance in these circumstances. The aim of our consultancy activities is to translate basic research into useful strategies and other countermeasures that help humans to prepare for and cope with being placed in extremely stressful environments. We work using a model of equal expertise whereby the client and us provide expertise to ensure maximum possible benefit of the consultancy service.  Our clients may be categorised as:

Adventurers, Explorers and Mountaineers

Adventure travellers are often exposed to environments so extreme that enjoyment, performance and safety can be severely compromised.  We have helped many clients achieve their exploratory objectives including Nansen’s Endeavour Expedition, To Hel and Back and Kayak Africa.  We also run workshops for companies working in extreme environments, including Plas Y Brenin (the National Mountaineering Centre) and Outlook Expeditions (who have successfully sent 3,500 young people on expedition to destinations across the globe).  We are regularly asked to comment on and write articles for various outdoor publications, most recently including Outside Magazine.


Athletic pursuits in extreme environments continue to increase in popularity for the recreational and professional athlete. Accordingly, we have advised athletes on preparations and acclimation strategies. Successful athletes have included those competing in Marathon Des Sables, a gruelling 254 km ultramarathon across the Southern Moroccan desert in temperatures exceeding 40 degrees centigrade.  We also run physiology and psychology preparation workshops such as at the 1st Irish Performance Climbing Seminar.

Uniformed Services

As a function of their work, the armed services, police, fire and rescue services, are frequently exposed to extreme environments and conditions that place considerable stress upon human performance.  Recent and current work has included promoting leadership and recruit retention in the Ministry of Defence, developing fire fighter selection protocols, and advising mountain rescue teams on improving physical fitness for operational duties.

Other Occupational Groups

Television and film companies (such as Antena Productions) call upon our services to provide safety and scientific input into their productions.  But our range of clients is diverse- it even includes a theatre company (Top of the World) producing work for the Edinburgh Festival on the topic of risk taking!